What Face Cream to Use

Been spending R1000 + a month on cosmetic skincare products ?

If you’re been buying them wrong creams , chances are that you have been wasting most of your money. Fortunately not all of it…at least your hands are also now “wrinkle free” and “lifted “.

Yes , at least half of your expensive facial cream have been absorbed by your hands..!!!

We attempt to “moisturize “our face by rubbing creams into the dead, hornified, impermeable outside layer of our skin , also known as the STRATUM CORNEUM. We do that using another part of our skin with an even thicker stratum corneum…..our finger tips.

If we could ” rub” substances into our skin , other substances would be oozing out our skin. The only place your skin can “ooze ” is through your sweatglands and sweating is definitely not good for your skin’s moisture level. Therefore the only way you can get anything into your skin , is by using a cream that can be absorbed through your sweatglands…or “damage” your skin to make it permeable .

So what to do ??

1 . using a piece of plastic or glove over your fingertip while applying your face cream, will at least prevent your fingers from absorbing all that expensive facial cream.That still doesn’t solve the impermeable- dead- outside- layer- of –your- skin problem.

So again what to do ?

1.Get rid of your dead skin . Sounds aggressive and a bit painful…but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how.


2. Have regular non inflammatory chemical peels . ie. GLYKOPEEL 70% ( glycolic and kojic acid ) ( no downtime )
3. Use a cosmetic range that contains an “acid “. Ie. NEOSTRATA ( lactobionic acid )…Or a cream that contains the natural substances in your skin ie SKINMEDICA ( TNS = tissue nutrient solution)
4. Have an once- of LASER RESURFACING done ( inflammatory with 5-7 days downtime)
5. Bypass your stratum corneum by injecting your skin with therapeutic substances.
5.1 MESOTHERAPY. ( hyaluronic acid )
5.2 MESODERM NEEDLING ( restalyne vital )
5.3 Or just simply stimulate your collagen by “irritating “it with a DERMA ROLLER.
5.4 Use a cosmoceutical ( medically tested ) range of skin creams..SKINMEDICA
6. Avoid direct and indirect (reflected ) sunlight. It thickens your skin’s outside layer.

So what is the use of applying expensive creams to your face ?

You need to apply the G.R.A.S.S. principle ( SKINMEDICA ) to make sure you are using the right creams

R: RETINOIDS ( vitamin A )
A: ANTIOXIDANTS ( vit C and E )
S: SPECIALITY TREATMENT….IE. depigmentation , botox , peels , laser , ect

Applying any old cream will still have an effect , after all your skin feels much nicer after you do.What happens is that you moisturize your dry , dead stratum corneum .Your skin “feels ” nice and smooth and less tight , but that has done nothing to rejuvenate your skin.To improve your skin’s over all appearance , tone, elasticity , hyperpigmentation and fine wrinkles you have to get through the outside 2 to 4 micro mm. of “old dead “skin and treat and expose your new (growing layer) skin ( stratum granulosum and spinosum )

Your skin is constantly replacing old skin ( stratum corneum ) with new skin (growing) from your stratum basale , wich is the stem cell layer of your skin..By removing your old skin in minute constant quantities ( see above points 2 to 6 ) , your new “baby skin “, stratum basale , will shine through. If you now look after your new skin ..with G.R.A.S.S.. like you should , it will age gracefully !!!

Lets all love our skin..it’s the only one we’ve got.

Yours in smooth skin

Doc Gertjan.