How good is Botox ?

In short, Botox is amazing ! Being a toxin , we use it actually for its side effect.

A purified, vacuum dried form of a bacteria known as Clostridium botilinum.

Botox blocks the nerve ending on the muscle directly surrounding the injection site.The effect of Botox is temporary, lasting anything from 2 weeks to sometimes 6 months.

Consecutive Botox treatments , before muscle activity returns , can lead to longer lasting effects.Some of my patients , or clients rather, have Botox done every 6 to 8 months only ( that includes me and my wife ).

Long term side effects of Botox?

Studies have shown ( including muscle biopsies ) that  people receiving continuous  Botox injections for 20 years , have not lost any muscle tone.This means that your face will not ‘HANG’ or ‘SAG’. It also confirms that you don’t have to carry on once you start. Botox is ideal for that once of wedding or school anniversary where you want to knock the socks off the in- laws or old school pals.

Botox or fillers?

These remain the most commonly used cosmetic injectables available. They do different things so can rather be used together than either one or the other.

Combining Botox and one of the wide range of fillers on your frown lines,  will have a much better and longer lasting effect  than just Botox or filler on its own.

Be sure to have your Botox and fillers done by an expert.

Ask around… word of mouth is still the best..

Yours in a smooth skin

Doc Gertjan