Botox, fillers and cosmetics

Healthy looking skin has always been a sign of beauty throughout the many cultures of the world, and the importance of looking young and vital have never been more important than they are today. The condition of one’s skin can hint towards age and lifestyle, but thanks to science, nowadays we can cheat a bit. With a large variety of cosmetics, fillers and Botox treatments out there, we are spoilt for choice. Quality (regarding both product and procedure), however, should remain one’s main priority.

Botox treatments, which were once seen as extreme, are now commonplace and safe (as long as the treatment is carried out by a trained professional). The chemical is injected at the site of the desired areas (the most common use of Botox is for wrinkle reduction), where it works at a sub-dermal level to tighten and smooth out the skin. This results in smoother, younger looking skin.

For less extreme cases of wrinkled, excessively oily, dry or red skin, less drastic measures are typically used. One such procedure is the skin rejuvenation treatment, which involves peeling, cleansing and moisturising the skin. As is the case with most treatments, skin treatments are most efficient when done as a process, as opposed to treating isolated incidents once off. DermaPlex, for example, advise that when you wish to undergo skin rejuvenation treatment that you complete a three-step program. Incorporating their NeuSkin range, the steps are as follows: Step one – DermaPlex Skin Surface Rejuvenator. This step re-surfaces, refines and re-polishes the skin to reveal a youthful complexion. Step two – DermaPlex Neutraliser Wash. This wash is a gentle cleanser designed to clean the skin and restore its natural pH level. And lastly, step three – DermaPlex Rebalancing Moisturiser. This product was specially formulated to use after skin peeling, making it the perfect product to round off the treatment.

It is always good to bear in mind that when scientists develop skincare products, they often do so with an entire range in mind and that these products work best in conjunction with one another. Following the prescribed steps will always yield the best results, leaving you feeling fresh, radiant and confident.